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Learn more about the Go Links service by navigating the questions below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can reach out to the Go Links administrators for more specific help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to use this service?

Only users with a Unity ID and password may login to the Go Links service and create links.

  • Faculty and staff at NC State can login and create custom links.
  • Students can create randomized Go Links, but cannot create Go Links with custom URL text.
  • Guest users can visit links, but cannot manage or create links.

Does Go Links offer QR Codes?

Absolutely. You can generate a QR code for your Go Link by adding .qr to the end of your Go Link. For example:

You can use a QR code the same way you use your tranditional Go Link URL; the QR Code will always point to the target URL specified for the Go Link. You are free to use the QR code on printed materials, in emails, and other media formats.

What are Go Link Modifiers and how can I use them?

"Modifiers" are pieces of text that you can add to the end of your Go Link identified after a colon.

For example: (no modifier) (modifier = twitter)

Use modifiers to enhance the statistics you are collecting for a single link. For example, instead of having to create multiple Go Links for multiple marketing campaigns, just create one Go Link, and then use modifiers for the different mediums you are using.

Detailed modifier names are allowed, if preferred, such as;

You do not have to set up modifiers ahead of time. Simply add them to any Go Link at any time. The statistics will be recorded for the overall total for the Go Link's hits (modifier or not), and specifically for each time a modifier is used.

It is important to note that only the first modifier will be acknowledged. For example, if you had, the statistics will be recorded as if "twitter:facebook" is a single modifier. You will not get separate statistics for Facebook and for Twitter in that example.

My Go Link target URL redirects elsewhere. Is this bad?

A Go Link that points to a redirected URL, including other shortlink services (, TinyURL) is not recommended. Google actively blocks emails that include Go Links with multiple redirects. Additionally, by combining the Go Links service with other link shortening services, you increase the risk that your Go Link can be compromised and used maliciously.

How can I share access to manage Go Links?

Sharing access to your links is the best way to ensure they don't become orphaned in the future. If you leave the university, you will want to ensure that someone else can still maintain your Go Links.

To share your link, you can either provide the unity id or google group you want to share when first creating your link. If your link is already created, simply scroll to the "Sharing" section of your link's page and click "Share with..."

Sharing your link grants the same level of access to the user(s) that you have.

How can I use tags to manage my Go Links?

Tags are a useful way to organize your links into similar groupings. Tags are strictly personal - no one else can see your tags or manage them. You can assign an existing tag to a link via the link creation page. You can also do this by scrolling to the "Tags" area of your link's page and clicking "Add Tag". From here, you may create a new tag or assign an existing one.

You can view links associated with a tag via the "My Tags" page, and selecting a specific tag to view. Collective hit counts are provided here as well.

Collective usage analytics for the links contained within a tag can be accessed via the tag page.